The Roofing Process

A lot goes into getting a new roof, and Mountain View Roofing handles it all from start to finish. Check out a step-by-step of what you can expect when you hire us.

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Schedule & Select Materials

After everyone’s on the same page, we will work around your schedule (and the weather) to set a start date for the job. Between tear-off, delivery, and installation, a typical residential roof takes 3-5 working days.

Next, you’ll pick out a shingle brand and color. This is the fun part! We’ll bring several different shingle samples to your house, or if you want to see even more, we can meet you at the shingle yard to look at the full collection. Your new roof is a valuable investment you’ll see every day, so we’ll work with you to find that perfect shingle style and color.

Day 1: Tear Off

On the scheduled start date, we’ll show up with a dump truck or container, park it in a designated spot as close to the roof as possible (usually the driveway), and start to strip away the old roofing material. The tear off usually takes one full day to remove all debris from the roof deck.

After the roof deck has been swept and all previous nails removed, we’ll install a roofing felt paper designated for your new roof’s material. Felt paper is an important protective layer that keeps the roof dry during installation, and acts as a humidity barrier for any moisture in the attic.

Day 2: Materials Arrive

The second day on the job, our supplier delivers the shingles to your home and stages them on the roof deck for installation. This usually takes a couple of hours, and as soon as the shingles are loaded, we’ll move the delivery vehicle out of the way and you can have your driveway back.

Days 3-4: Installation of New Roof

Our roofing crew usually needs about two days to install a residential roof, depending on weather conditions. We will need access to 1-2 electrical outlets for the small air compressor and saw. If you have a back yard, we’ll need access at the end of the day for cleanup, so let us know ahead of time if we should be mindful about keeping any dogs inside the fence.

Clean Up

When installation is done, we make sure everything is super clean, from the top of the roof all the way down to the ground. We aim to leave every job site cleaner than when we started.


Once the boss (that’s you!) inspects and approves the work, we’ll consider the job done. We’ll issue you an invoice for payment within 30 days, and leave you with peace of mind and a beautiful new roof.

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We build loyal customers based on trust and customer education, so all Mountain View Roofing bids and estimates are free, and include a helpful analysis at time of bid.

This professional roof analysis will give you an idea of your current roof’s lifespan, recommended roofing products to increase your home’s value, and professional insights to your questions.