5 Simple Roof Inspections You Can Do During Spring Cleaning

We’re already halfway through March which means spring cleaning is just around the corner for Boise homeowners. Routine spring cleaning usually means pulling out the ladder to clean your rain gutters. This is a perfect time to evaluate the condition of your roof to stay ahead of any future roofing issues! 

Here are 5 easy inspections you can do yourself while cleaning your gutters:

  1. Look closely at the flashing around junctions. Are there signs of rust or caulk cracking?
  2. Notice if there are any shingles that are missing, curling or buckling.
  3. Evaluate the rubber boots around vent pipes. These can begin to crack and weather under the intense sun during Idaho summers.
  4. Do you see masses of moss and lichen? This could signal that your roof is decaying underneath. Black algae stains are just cosmetic.
  5. Are there excessive amounts of granules in your gutters? It’s not uncommon to see granules in your gutter but a large amount could be a sign that your roof is aging.

Get An Experts Opinion

So what do you do if you notice potential issues from the above inspections? Sometimes the best advice is to seek advice! We’ve gained a reputation as Boise’s best roofing company by simply being honest, transparent and fair! Feel free to contact us today for a free quote. If it’s time to start thinking about a new roof, rest assure that we will guide you through the re-roofing process from start to finish and won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied! 

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